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 e-Literacy News
A Publication of Florida's Adult and
      Family Literacy Resource Center 

March 2009
Adult Education Standards Implementation for ABE and GED Programs 
When: March 27, 2009
           8:30 AM  - 12:30 PM
Where:Sunlake High School
           Building 4, Room 139
           3023 Sunlake Blvd
           Land O Lakes, FL
For more information, contact Marilyn Kline at mkline@tempest.coedu.usf.edu.          
Selecting Assessments for ABE, ESOL and GED with Phil Anderson, Florida Department of Education 
When: April 7, 2009
           8:30 AM until 1:00 PM 
           753 West Blvd.
           Chipley, Florida
For more information, contact Lisa Jones at 850-922-5343 X 246 or via email at jonesl@ace-leon.org.
Free Volunteer Tutor Training Workshop
When: April 16, 2009
           10 AM – 5 PM 
Where:Homosassa Public Library
           4100 S.Grandmarch Ave
           Homosassa, FL
For more information, contact Amanda Aucoin, Florida Literacy Coalition at 407-246-7110 or intern@floridaliteracy.org.
Sunshine State TESOL 
When: April 16-18, 2009
Where:Miami Marriott Hotel
           Miami, FL
For more information, visit  www.sunshine-tesol.org.
TABE 101 Certification Training
When: April 17, 2009
           8 AM – 4 PM
           753 West Blvd.
           Chipley, FL
For more information, contact Lisa Jones at 850-922-5343 X 246 or at jonesl@ace-leon.org.
TABE 701 Recertification Workshop
When: April 22, 2009
           1 PM – 5 PM
Where:Brevard County
For more information, contact Sarah B. Guetschow at GuetscS@DaytonaState.edu.
Staying Healthy: Health Literacy Curriculum and Resources for ESOL, ABE & GED
When: April 27, 2009
           4:45 PM – 8:45 PM
Where:Chamberlain High School
For more information, contact Marilyn Kline at mkline@tempest.coedu.usf.edu.
 New Resources  
This is a new site focusing on improving the servuces provided to students with disabilities. 
This site offers video and text stories on various subjects geared toward adult learners. Users will need to register, but registration is free.
Just Announced:
Tim Dorsey to Speak at Awards Banquet 
New York Times Best Selling Author Tim Dorsey will be this year's conference awards banquet keynote speaker.  Dorsey has written eleven Florida-based action/mystery novels with a comic twist.  His latest is Nuclear Jellyfish.  Read more on the author at http://www.timdorsey.com/home.html. 
Florida Literacy Conference
Belleview Biltmore Resort, Clearwater
 May 6-8th 
Don't wait! Take advantage of early registration prices. Conference registration deadline is April 20, 2009. Register Now 


Tell your adult learners about the Florida Literacy Conference Adult Learner Day to be held on May 6, 2009. For more information regarding this free program click here.
With over 70 sessions offered, there is something for everyone at the 2009 Florida Literacy Conference.  View a full list of sessions
Reserve your hotel room by April 15, 2009 to get the discounted rate of $110. Reservations can be made by calling the Belleview Biltmore Resort at 727-373-3000 or make your reservations online now!
Accessing Stimulus Funding For Adult Literacy
While the recently passed federal stimulus package did not include targeted funding for adult education and literacy, there are a number of provisions in the legislation that may provide access to resources for our field.
Among those provisions in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 that may provide the most opportunity include:
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
$39.5 billion will go to LEAs (local educational agencies) through states' standard funding formula.  Funds can be used for any authorized activity in Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA), IDEA, the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (aka WIA, Title II), or Perkins Act. 

 Adult Learner Persistence: A New Study on Effective Practices
The New England Literacy Resource Center and World Education recently released Making it Worth the Stay : Findings from the New England Adult Learner Persistence Project.
This unique initiative studied student persistence strategies employed by 18 New England area programs.  The goal was to improve adult learner persistence and outcomes in order for adult learners to be able to meet their educational and related life goals, and to thus strengthen workforce development in New England.
This report details the persistence strategies and their outcomes by exploring the four categories that roughly correspond to students’ phases of participation in the program: 1) Intake and Orientation; 2) Instruction; 3) Counseling and Peer Support; or 4) Re-engagement.
In addition to describing the specific strategies and outcomes that resulted in each program, the researchers concluded that persistence can be improved by addressing key adult needs, such as the need to feel competent or the need for a sense of community.  
To access the study, go to http://nelrc.org/persist/report09.pdf.
Creating Participatory Photonovels: A Classroom Guide 
Many students are multi-sensory learners. Creating a photonovel can help those learners to better understand vocabulary and practice it in conversation. A Photonovel is similar to a comic book, but it uses photographs instead of drawings. The approach has been successfully spear headed by the University of Victoria's ESL Program in Canada.  For information on photonovels go to http://www.photonovel.ca/. 
Health Resources
As the field of health literacy education is increasingly gaining visibility in the Adult ESOL and Family Literacy domains nationwide, new materials and resources are being developed and incorporated into curriculums to help teachers and students achieve their health literacy goals.
Lessons for Living Well: Nutrition Education for Adult ESOL This online resource was developed by the San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education Adult ESL Program, in partnership with Sacramento County Office of Education.  The lesson is designed for Intermediate and above level adult ESL learners with basic computer literacy skills. 
Highly pictorial, with audio/video support, this interactive resource about healthy nutrition, has a special focus on sodium and fat intake as it relates to fast food choices. Students can work through multiple choice quizzes to check their learning throughout the lesson, view videos, listen to the correct pronunciation of key nutrition-related vocabulary while learning basic definitions, as well as learn how to use nutritional charts to make informed decisions about what to order at a fast food restaurant. 

Workshops for Family Literacy Programs

The Florida Parental Information and Resource Center (PIRC)
The FL PIRC is a federally funded project which provides free information, resources and training opportunities on promoting parent involvement.  Examples of current workshops that are available to parents and staff include:
n      Families Reading Together

n      Effective Parent (Caregiver) Teacher Conferences

n      Helping with Homework

n      FCAT for Families. 

For additional information or to arrange for a workshop go to  www.floridapartnership.usf.edu/FLPIRC.htm or call 727-523-1130.

New Estimates Show Unauthorized 
Immigration Down 
The Pew Hispanic Center ’s new study of immigration trends shows that the growth of the unauthorized immigrant population has fallen to 500,000 in the last year,with a decreasing year to year trend since 2005.  At the same time, the inflow of undocumented immigrants fell below that of legal permanent immigrants, which is reversed from previous years.  Even with the decrease in the incoming number of unauthorized immigrants, the overall size of the population has increased more than forty percent since 2000.  The most recent estimate, 11.9 million in March 2008, showed that the unauthorized immigration population made up 4% of the overall U.S. population.