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Tutor Tips - Dry Erase Boards and Vocabulary

Dry Erase Boards with makers and erasers can be used in a variety of ways. In our group classes, each learner has a board. When the tutor wants to check the learners’ understanding of something being taught, she calls out “Blitz Time.” Each learner writes the answer on his/her board and holds it up facing the tutor. The tutor then quickly scans the answers to see if anyone needs more help. Sometimes the learners compete for the fastest time.

The one who first shows the correct answer receives a treat to celebrate. The activity is fun and provides a change of pace in the classroom setting. The boards are also fun to write on. Their size enables the learners to use larger letters, and the surface texture allows for a smooth-flowing hand movement. Tutors working in one-to-one settings also use the board to vary their writing activities and give the learners a change to experience a different size or “feel” of their writing. The boards are useful when practicing word families. The learner reads the word, erases a letter, inserts a different letter, and reads the new word. Give it a try! (Reprinted from Laubach Litscape, Spring 2002 Edition from Northwest Oklahoma Literacy Council, Woodward, Oklahoma.)

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