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Florida Literacy CoalitionFlorida Literacy CoalitionFlorida Literacy Coalition


Made possible through the support of the Florida Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education.

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BRO-1 Florida Literacy Coalition: Florida’s Adult Literacy Resource Center
This publication provides a short, but thorough synopsis on the services and programs that the Florida Literacy Coalition operates from training and technical assistance to the State Hotline.  This brochure also includes a brief history of the organization.

BRO-2 Family Literacy
This brochure, published by the Florida Literacy Coalition, offers pointers to parents to encourage their children’s intellectual growth and emphasizes that learning begins at home.  Included in this brochure are tips on reading to your child along with the key components of family literacy programs.  The brochure also contains a form that interested parties can mail in to the Florida Literacy Coalition for more information on family literacy materials and programming in Florida.  This brochure is available in Spanish only. English version SOLD OUT.

BRO-5 What is Scientifically Based Research? A Guide for Teachers
Provides a brief introduction to understanding and using scientifically based research. This brochure explains that the emphasis on scientifically based research supports the consistent use of instructional methods that have been proven effective. Teachers can strengthen their instruction and protect their students' valuable time in school by scientifically evaluating claims about teaching methods and recognizing quality research when they see it.

BRO-10: Free Appropriate Public Education for Students with Disabilities
This pamphlet answers the following questions about free appropriate public education:
Who is entitled to a free appropriate public education? How is an appropriate education defined? How is a free education defined?

BRO-12: Alerta en Línea
This brochure from OnGuard Online details seven practices for safer computing (Spanish).

BRO-14: Issue Brief: Reasons for Adult’s Participation in Work-Related Courses
This brief examines the reasons why approximately 68.5 million people (one-third of civilian, non-institutionalized adults age 16 or older in the U.S.) in 2002-2003 took formal courses or training that were not part of a traditional degree, certificate, or apprenticeship program for reasons related to their job or career.

BRO-15: State Participation in the National Assessment of Adult Literacy
This publication from the National Center for Education Statistics describes the 2002 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) and the 2002 Statewide Assessment of Adult Literacy (SAAL) as snapshots of America's progress, since 1992, in becoming a nation of literate adults.

BRO-16: Casio Calculator Brochure
A brochure showing the actual size of a Casio fx260 calculator, with math tips and formulas.

BRO-17: College Preparation Checklist
The foundational publication for any students (elementary, junior/high school, adult) who are considering college. This small booklet explains how to prepare academically and financially for college.

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The Florida Literacy Coalition thanks the Florida
Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education
for making this site possible.

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