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Made possible through the support of the Florida Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education.

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Florida Literacy Coalition: Florida’s Adult Literacy Resource Center
This publication provides a short, but thorough synopsis on the services and programs that the Florida Literacy Coalition operates from training and technical assistance to the State Hotline.  The brochure also includes a brief history of the organization.

10 Ways to Avoid Fraud (Spanish)
This Spanish-language tri-fold brochure contains time-tested ways to recognize scams.

Fotonovela: Notario Scams (Spanish)

Spanish-language fotonovela about notario scams.

Fotonovela: Income Scams (Spanish)
Spanish-language fotonovela about the signs of an income scam.

Fotonovela: Debt Collectors (Spanish)
Spanish-language fotonovela about dealing with debt-collectors.

Fotonovela: Government Imposter Scams (Spanish)
Spanish-language fotonovela about government imposter scams.

Fotonovela: Talking about Scams (Spanish)
Spanish-language fotonovela about talking about and reporting scams.

Fotonovela: The Rivera Family Avoids Telemarketing Scams (Spanish)
Spanish-language fotonovela about detecting and avoiding telemarketing scams.

Getting Out of Debt
Having trouble paying your bills? Are you worried about losing your home or your car? This Q&A booklet explains what you need to know about getting out of debt. Topics covered include self-help, credit counseling, other debt relief services, and bankruptcy.

Identity Theft: What to Know, What to Do
This brochure gives a brief overview of what identity theft is and how to recover from it. It also promotes IdentitytTheft.gov, the FTC's website for identity theft victims.

A CDC Guide for Healthy Travel (English)
This is a 5x5 fold out brochure with useful tips on how to stay health and safe when traveling abroad.

A CDC Guide for Healthy Travel (Spanish)
This is a 5x5 fold out Spanish language brochure with useful tips on how to stay healthy and safe when traveling abroad.

Verifique la seguridad/Check for Safety - STEADI brochure (Spanish)

This Spanish-language home fall prevention checklist helps older adults identify and eliminate fall hazards in their home.

Mantenga su independencia/Stay Independent - STEADI brochure (Spanish)
This Spanish-language fall prevention checklist for older adults can be used by clinicians and older adults to asses a patient's risk of falling. By answering "yes" or "no" to each of the 13 questions, older adults can score their risk for falls, then work with their healthcare provider who can help screen, assess, and intervene to help prevent falls and help older adults stay independent longer.

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