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Florida Literacy CoalitionFlorida Literacy CoalitionFlorida Literacy Coalition


VISTA Literacy Program


Americorps VISTA Literacy Initiative

Empowering Adults and Families through Literacy

Are you interested in making a difference supporting undereducated adults and their families, while gaining valuable skills for the future? If so, we have just the opportunity for you.

The Florida Literacy Coalition, in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, is pleased to sponsor a statewide AmeriCorps VISTA literacy initiative.


AmeriCorps VISTA members work at the Florida Literacy Coalition or with one of our partner literacy agencies to help coordinate initiatives and support programs which help adults and families to develop their reading, writing and English language skills.ea, Delray Beach

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of serving as Americorps VISTA member with
a literacy program in Florida, please contact Kristine Babbish at 407-246-7110 ext. 202 or
via email at




"If I can sum up my experience as a VISTA into one word, I'd say it's rewarding. I have learned many skills that I wouldn't have learned otherwise and gained invaluable life experience. I have the honor of saying I changed people's life for the better, and they have reciprocated the deed."

Mariangel Ayala AmeriCorps*VISTA 2011-2012

"Being a VISTA has taught me many things about life. Most importantly I learned that if you really want to be part of the solution ,as Eldridge Cleaver said, you have to be willing to do the work needed to solve problems big and small. I am very grateful that I have had an opportunity to be part of the solution to poverty here at Florida Literacy Coalition."

Hope Lynn AmeriCorps*VISTA 2011-2012

"My time as an AmeriCorps*VISTA has been a wholly remarkable experience. I've touched the lives of those in my community and have had experiences I otherwise would have never imagined I'd be involved in. It's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had thus far."

Dmitriy Usher AmeriCorps* VISTA 2010-2012

"My year as a VISTA has been outstanding, starting with the warm welcome I received from the Immokalee community and culminating with the invitation to stay another year. This year has been one of learning, being creative, building new friendships and growing as a person. Thank you, FLC!"

Donna Johnston AmeriCorps*VISTA 2012-2013

"My experience as a VISTA has been very humbling. It has changed the way that I view other people. Not only have I gained valuable career experience and confidence in myself, I have also developed a different view of life in the United States."

Jaclyn Boland AmeriCorps*VISTA 2012-2013

"I’m so grateful that as an Americorp* VISTA volunteer I had the opportunity to do something, not everything, but something.
And what a reward that turned out to be for all!"

Verna Urbanski AmeriCorps*VISTA 2011-2012




.Florida Literacy Coalition
..235 Maitland Ave. S #102

Maitland, FL 32751
..Phone: (407)-246-7110
..Fax: (407)-246 - 7104

Florida Literacy Hotline
(800) - 237 - 5113