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Promising Practices

Training Materials

View sample lesson plans and other training materials for basic literacy and ESL instruction.

Literacy Lesson Plans

Literacy Volunteers of America - Mercer County, NJ
The Elements of a Lesson Plan

Goals: long- and short-term
Assessment of the student, the tutor and the lesson
Objectives of the lesson
Homework review
Review of previous learning
Reading and writing activities
Instructional techniques
Introduction of new activities
Student’s reactions
Selection of items for portfolio
Review of portfolio (periodic)

Tutor Trainer

Directory of Tutor Trainers by Region
Detailed Tutor Trainers Directory 
Promising Practices
Training the Trainer
Meeting the Trainers
Sharing with Trainers
Training Links
Multiple Intelligences

For information:

View the LVA - Mercer County lesson plan elements and download a sample lesson plan form.

Other Literacy Training Materials

Two of the most widely used curricula are described below. Many other resources are available through the links that follow.

The Laubach Way to Reading (LWR) is a basic reading and writing series developed primarily for adults with little or no reading ability. The series consists of four skill books and correlated readers for student use. The teacher’s manual for each skill book gives detailed instructions and lesson plans. The series provides a systematic development of basic reading and writing skills. Each lesson includes vocabulary development, phonic or structural analysis of words, a short story reading, comprehension checks and writing practice. The skill books and correlated readers may be used with both speakers of English and those who are learning English. A separate series of manuals, the Laubach Way to English, provides complete instructions for teaching the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing English to the non English speaking student.

The Wilson Reading System is a research based reading and writing program. Its basic purpose is to teach students fluent decoding and encoding skills. From the beginning steps of the program, it also includes sight word instruction, vocabulary, oral expressive language development and comprehension. Throughout the program, a ten part lesson plan – designed to be very interactive between teacher and student – is followed. The lessons progress from easier to more challenging tasks for decoding and then spelling. The system ends with fluency and comprehension work.

NRP offers a free PowerPoint/Overhead Presentation of the Voyager Series, a nine level program for adults reading anywhere from a zero to an eighth grade level. Voyager combines a contemporary theme based approach with elements from traditional direct instruction.

Reading and Spelling Via Phonics (RSVP) provides a clearly structured phonics approach for adults reading at a fourth grade reading level and above. For information, contact

The National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy’s publication, Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom, is based on the findings of the NCSALL “Literacy Practices of Adult Learners” study. This book is an introduction to providing literacy instruction based upon the literacy needs and interests that learners have outside of the classroom. The publication is available free to Florida literacy practitioners. Order online.

Literacy Training Materials Links

Adult Basic and Literacy Educators - “Learning to Learn...With Style”, on-line, video-based learning styles guide

LINCS - Lesson Plan Collection

Literacy Council of Northern Virginia Tutor Resource Center - Instructional Materials

Literacy Volunteers of America Chippewa Valley/Eau Claire (WI) - Tutor Training Evaluation

Literacy Volunteers of America - Mercer County (NJ) - Tutoring Kit

Literacy Volunteers of America - Mercer County (NJ) - Teaching Techniques (LES, sight words, consonants, patterned words, cloze procedure.

ESOL Lesson Plans

Collier County Public Library Literacy Program
ESL Tutor Training Workshop

Sample Lesson Plan

Free Conversation 5 to 10 minutes
Review 5 minutes
Conversation Skills 30 to 40 minutes
 - Dialog  
 - Vocabulary  
 - Structure Focus  
Reading & Writing 15 minutes
 - Charts  
 - Stories  
 - Writing Exercise  
Other Activities (as appropriate) 15 minutes
 - Survival English  
 - Total Physical Response  
 - Games, Puzzles  
 - Other Reading  
 - Teaching with Pictures  

For information:

Other ESL Training Materials

Collier County Public Library Literacy Program
ESL Tutor Training Workshop


Why use Total Physical Response?

A. because comprehension skills develop faster than speaking skills
B. for low anxiety and high success levels; because the procedure is based on giving commands which are carried out without speaking
C. to teach new vocabulary or review previously taught vocabulary

TPR Procedure:

Do the action as you give the new command.
Do the action with the student(s) several times as you give the command.

Give the command without doing the action yourself.
Do the action again if the student(s) have difficulty in carrying out the command.

Stand up
Sit down
Turn around

Point to the...
Pick up the...
Put down the...
Give me the...

For information:

ESL Training Materials Links

Laubach Way to English (LWE) is an adaptation of the Laubach Way to Reading (LWR) program that is intended to meet the special needs of adult ESL students who are functionally illiterate. LWE includes a series of three manuals especially designed for teaching these students. They provide a comprehensive beginning English program in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

LINCS - Lesson Plan Collection

New Readers Press - Life Prints: ESL for Adults Overview - PowerPoint or Overhead Presentation

Texas A&I University, Adult Education Center - Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide, including Teacher Training Modules

University of Tennessee, Center for Literacy Studies - Teaching ESOL: A Quick Reference

University of Tennessee Center for Literacy Studies - ESOL Curriculum Resource Book

University of Tennessee Center for Literacy Studies - RealPlayer: ESOL Teacher Training





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