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Pre-Conference Events: Tuesday, May 9th:

STAYING HEALTHY: Health Literacy Curriculum, Resources, and Statewide Grant Initiative
1:00 PM-4:30 PM

Hosted by Florida Literacy Coalition
Presented by: Greg Smith, Claire Valier & Heather Surrency 
Cost: Free

Contextual teaching and learning focuses on making learning meaningful to students by connecting to the real world.  One effective way to do this is to incorporate health education into your instruction.   It’s a great way to engage students as they gain English language and literacy skills while gaining important information about health and nutrition.

Join us and learn evidence-based strategies to integrate health literacy into high beginning level and above adult education and ESOL instruction. Increase health awareness among your students and equip them to make good choices in relation to nutrition, preventative health, understanding medicines, and navigating health services.  This can even provide a great platform for exploring potential careers in healthcare.

This session includes an overview of the nationally recognized Staying Healthy and Staying Healthy for Beginners curricula.  Learn about the award winning Florida Health Literacy Initiative and best practices that have been employed by programs throughout the state. We’ll provide lots of hands-on activities/resources and time for discussion and idea sharing. Each participant will receive copies of both Staying Healthy student resource guides, which are also freely available to download.

Persistence Pays! Apps & Web Resources to Capture Your Students
1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Hosted by Florida Literacy Coalition
Presented by: Kimberly Gates
Cost: Free

What’s the key to having the “stick-with-it-ness” that adult students need to persist when the going gets tough? Do your students have goals, and are they SMART goals? How do they plan to achieve those goals, and what can you do to assist them in being successful? Explore apps and web resources that can capture your students’ attention, engage them (both in & outside of class), focus them on their goals, help track progress, and improve/enhance their educational experience. Turn your students into kings and queens of persistence!

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