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Tentative Schedule – subject to change

Wednesday April 29

  • How to Advocate For What You Want Need and Want
  • "Fund"raising Fundamentals
  • Newspapers:  Everyday Realia
  • Burlington English Practice for CASAS- Helping Students Make Gains in Learning
  • Teaching the State Adult ESOL Curriculum and CASAS Content Standards and Competencies
  • Early Literacy Development in Preschoolers with a Family Literacy Project
  • Math Sense for the GED Test
  • Creating Conscious Literacy Professionals Through an Adult Literacy Certificate Program
  • Common Mistakes Made by Non English Speakers
  • Using Health Literacy for Healthier Outcomes in the Chronic Diseased Population
  • Sneaking through the Brain's Backdoor for Easy-Access to the Hardest Literacy Skills
  • Creating Consciousness in Bi-dialectal Adult Literacy Learners
  • Teaching GED Writing in the Classroom and Corrections Setting
  • A Sustainable ESL Model for Everyone
  • GED® Program Results:  A National Look at the Program’s First Year
  • Tantalizing Tutor Training Techniques
  • Miss Congeniality Girls:  Journal writing for Inner-City Girls
  • Navigating Financial Aid
  • Teaching Enduring Issues:  Connecting Our Past and Our Present
  • The Journey Continues – Exploring Florida IPDAE                 
  • A Free and Easy US English Pronunciation guide – Truespel Phonetics
  • State DOE Policy on the Use of CASAS Assessments
  • Best Practices for Multilevel Classes
  • Health Literacy: A Panel Discussion

Thursday, April 30

  • Help Your ABE and ESOL Students Read Better
  • Building Your Own Yellow Brick Road:  Designing Career Focused Pathways
  • The Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system in Adult Education
  • Mathematical Reasoning:  Mastering Word Problems
  • GED Academy--Helping Students Succeed in 2015!
  • FLDOE Update
  • The College and Career Readiness Standards in the ESOL Classroom
  • Retirement ROCKS!
  • Learning Differences – A Snapshot View.
  • Become An Empowered Reader At Any Age!
  • English Discoveries Online – The Next-Generation Interactive Solution for English Language Learning
  • Project Read Reading Comprehension Strategies for Fiction and Informational Texts
  • Mathematical Reasoning:  Mastering Word Problems
  • "Adults Value Literacy When It is Valued in Their Community"
  • Libraries Ignite Learning
  • PIAAC: How Parental Education Impacts the Development of Adult Skills
  • The Reading War
  • “Research-based” – What science says about improving adult literacy
  • What if Your Students Aren't GED Ready Yet?
  • Project Success: Digital Literacy in the 21st Century
  • Standards for Success: Measuring Outcomes in Adult Basic Education
  • Literacy Program Management & Leadership Roundtable
  • Introducing Florida's College and Career Readiness Standards for ABE Mathematics
  • Strategies for transitioning ESOL students in the areas of reading and social studies.
  • LINCS Overview

Friday May 1

  • Solving the English Mystery & VALF Annual Meeting
  • The Components of Numeracy: Tools for Engaging Learners in Meaningful Math
  • Reaching the Underserved: Expanding Access to Literacy Services in Your Community
  • Strategic Direct Close Reading instruction to improve Underprepared Learner’s Metacognition
  • Reading Your Way to Financial Literacy: The Fed's Free Resources
  • Scoring Constructed Response:  The Rubric, the Traits, & the Tools
  • "Strengthening the Family Unit in Our Changing World"
  • A Successful Fundraiser is No Trivial Matter






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