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Wednesday May 4

  • Navigating through IPDAE's Resources
  • Scoring Constructed Responses
  • Classroom activities for GED Social Studies
  • Practical uses of Corrections ABE/GED curriculum "Taking Care of Yourself
  • Improving Reading Comprehension Utilizing Research-Based Strategies
  • HMHele: Truly transformative Software for the Adult Education Classroom
  • iPads in Libraries: What's up with Apps
  • Burlington English Career Pathways - Your WIOA Solution
  • Adult Learner Experience
  • Annual Meeting
  • Libraries = Education: Action Agenda
  • Changing Your Life through Better Money Management
  • The (Reading) War is Won.
  • Teaching Reading is the ELL Classroom
  • GED/ TABE Academy - Prepping for the future
  • The Florida Health Literacy Initiative in Action
  • How to Advocate for what you want and need
  • Flash Mobs and Selfies
  • Learn on Your Own… Online!
  • My Career Shines: Florida's career and Education Planning System for Post Secondary Students and Adults
  • Developing Human Capital in the Age of WIOA
  • AL Workforce Panel
  • How to Avoid Scams
  • Strategies for Teaching Multi-Level ESOL Classes
  • FLC Tech Update
  • Zap Program and Classroom Problems in 4 Proven Steps
  • The Magic of Purposeful Play and Assessing Student Learning

Thursday May 5

  • Florida’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Unified Plan and Adult Education
  • Pre-GED Resources from New Readers Press
  • Publishing Student Writing: Using Authentic writing to Motivate and Inspire
  • Lesson Planning and Student Engagement
  • Building Your Own Financial Education Program
  • Technology Tools for ABE/GED Math Instruction!
  • ABE and ESOL Reading Strategies Hands-on Workshop
  • Training for the Laws, Systems and culture for Living in the U.S.
  • Text -Based Tools for Academic Vocabulary and Reading comprehension
  • Grant Writing
  • High Impact Indicators: A GED testing Service Workshop
  • Building Career Pathway Programs for Florida’s Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (FICAPS)
  • Education and Skills Online
  • Expanding Access to Literacy Services - Serving People Where They're At.
  • Creativity in the ESOL Classroom
  • Adult Literacy Specialist Program Model
  • Leveraging Technology to Maximize Learning
  • Who are the Low-Skilled Adults?: results from PIAAC
  • Learning Differences: A Snapshot View
  • Hands On Banking and the Florida Financial Literacy Initiative 
  • Techniques for Assisting Adults with Learning Disabilities: Explicit Instruction
  • Making the Phonics - to-Phonetics Leap with Truespel
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: Tackling the Big Questions
  • Roundtable for Community-Based Literacy Directors
  • Overview of Naturalization and the Citizenship Test
  • A Big and Excellent Opportunity: A Panel on Adult Learner Leadership
  • Farmworker Career Development Program - WIA to WIOA Transition

Friday May, 6

  • Retelling as an Effective Reading Comprehension Strategy for Underprepared Learners
  • How Learners Can Meet their Financial Goals/ VALF Meeting
  • Tutor Ready: New LINCS Resources for teaching Adults to Read (Part One)
  • Using Children's Literature for Adult ELLs in Family Literacy Program
  • Incorporate Free USCIS Materials into GED Social Studies Instruction
  • Board Meeting (not in program)
  • Using Qualitative Research to Learn about the Literate Life of Under Privileged Families
  • Teaching Adults Math - New Resources
  • Program Data and Knowledge Management Strategies for All Budgets
  • Tutor Ready: New LINCS Resources for teaching Adults to Read (Part Two)

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