Literacy Spotlight: Nominate a Student or Volunteer

What's your story? Nominate a student or volunteer for the Literacy Spotlight!

Working in adult literacy ensures you meet people from all walks of life. Everyone has a story to tell, and we’re giving you chance to share yours! If you know a student or volunteer deserving recognition, nominate them to be in our Literacy Spotlight!

Who is eligible for nomination?

Literacy Spotlight nominees may be students or volunteers currently participating in or previously affiliated with your literacy program. Whether they are the most improved, hardest-working, most dedicated, or have an unforgettable story, FLC would like to shine the spotlight on their accomplishments.

How will you choose who is featured in the Literacy Spotlight?

Once you submit the form, the FLC team will review each nominee submission. The amount of time this takes depends on how many submissions are received, For the best chance at being chosen, make sure to include a clear, compelling account about the student/volunteer and their accomplishments.

What information do you share in the Literacy Spotlight?

The chosen nominee will write a guest post to be featured on the Literacy Spotlight section on the blog home page along with their photo. Examples of what the post may include:

  • your life before joining a literacy program
  • how joining a literacy program has impacted your life
  • what motivated you to join a literacy program
  • your favorite thing(s) about your literacy program

Fill out the form below to nominate a student or volunteer. For questions, concerns, or technical assistance, contact the Resource Specialist.

Format: 123-456-7890
If 'Other', please specify in the comments below.
Please be as descriptive as possible. Note that this may not be what will be published in the Spotlight guest post.
Please note that posts will be edited for clarity, grammar, and spelling before publishing.

Literacy Spotlight

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Nominate a student or volunteer from your program to be featured here! Learn more on the Spotlight page.

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