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Click on specific topic on the Tutor Help Center menu bar on the right to go to the resources for that topic.

Many of these resources are in "pdf" format and require Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you can get it for free from here.

Listening/Phonology Resources

Search tips about listening skills at

Reading Resources

Website offers information on reading strategies with coordinating lesson plans


Technology Resources

Infographics as a Creative Assessment
Interactive page explaining the use of inforgraphics in the classroom, examples of successful infographics, tutorials, and data.

General Resources

Online searchable Merriam-Webster dictionary

50 Incredibly Useful Links for ELL Educators

Seven Tips for Building Positive Relationships with English Language-Learners

CAL Solutions: Promoting education and achievement of adults learning English


 Lesson Plans
Workplace Skills

Workplace Soft Skills Lesson Plans

Workplace Skills Lesson Ideas from HopeLink


Tutor Help Center
ESOL Resources 
Learning Disabilities
 Lesson Plans
Grammar Resources

Downloadable basic grammar lessons with handouts.

English grammar quizzes for levels 1-2.

English grammar quizzes for levels 3-4.

Searchable list of American slang with definitions offers this link to basic English sentence structure.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Current event lesson plans for low intermediate to advanced students.

 Lesson Plans
Reading Resources

Newsweek lesson.

A/B stories. A reading activity for pairs.

Ideas for using authentic texts with low level ESL classes.

A variety of reading materials divided into beginning, intermediate, low-intermediate and advanced levels. Could be used in class or for student's independent reading.

 Lesson Plans
Vocabulary Resources

Beginner lesson plan on a shopping trip.

Ideas for previewing vocabulary.

Ideas for using matching exercises.

Ideas for using conversation card sets.

Internet Picture Dictionary; An online multilingual picture dictionary designed especially for ESL students. Reinforcement activities include flashcards, scrambled words and word scrambles. Words can be found by letter or categories.

Alphabetical, searchable list of English idioms and proverbs.

Crossword puzzles for levels 1-2.

Crossword puzzles for levels 3-4.

English vocabulary quizzes using pictures for levels 1-2.

Activities and exercises that teach how to pronounce English sounds.

Lesson Plans focusing on career vocabulary

Activity to teach the seasons and season-appropriate clothing.

Free Downloadable Vocabulary Flashcards.

Activity called 'Odd one Out' where students pick one word in a group that doesn't belong.

Activity called 'Ring-a-Word' where students circle words as the teacher calls them out.

Review game called 'Beat the Teacher'.

A lesson in describing things that gets beginner students comfortable speaking.

Conversational activity to discuss why people live long

Body language idioms

Personality and Character Lesson Plans

Activities and Lesson Plans Focusing on Customs and Traditions

Students discuss who their favorite people are and why

Introducing the Conditional to ESL Students's list of days of the year around which to plan lessons

Variation of hangman.

Wordshark – A variation of Hangman.

Student-created dialogues.

Variation of Simon says.

Vocabulary game.

Questions for intermediate speakers to generate conversation.

Student-created learning games.

Daily, verbal learning log.

Article on teaching and practicing numbers

Lesson plan in word meaning for advanced students

20 Questions interactive lesson for low-intermediate students

List of jokes for the ESL classroom

List of games and activities within numerous subjects

 Lesson Plans
Listening Resources

Popular song lyrics to print. Music sold separately.


 Lesson Plans
Spelling Resources
 Lesson Plans
Writing Resources

The Purdue Online Writing Lab


 Lesson Plans
Technology Resources

Lesson plans that integrate technology

List of web-based lesson plans

Lesson plans to teach Internet basics

Links to lessons using PowerPoint within numerous subjects

 Lesson Plans
Civics Resources

Project integrates EL-Civics learning activities into an Even Start family literacy program. The activities are for beginning level ESL students, and the site includes 19 lesson plans.


 Lesson Plans
Financial Literacy Resources


 Lesson Plans
General Resources

A Literacy-level Curriculum for Adult Spanish-speaking English Language Learners with Limited Formal Education by Kirsten L. Keihl

Lesson plans on various subjects by Marti Lane of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Using movie previews for various class levels.

Lesson planning ideas for one-on-one ESL tutors. contains teaching material based upon Reuters news articles. Tutors can access lessons, tools, samples and other resources.

Games and activities for various levels within the ESL classroom.

Get to know you questions for the first day of class.

ESL lesson ideas

Contains 5 sets of lesson plans, each set containing 30+ sheets.

Ready to use EFL/ESL lesson plans based on current events with grammar, reading, listening, speaking and discussion exercises. East lesson plan has a MS Word/PDF version that one can duplicate for classroom use. Each lesson also contains an MP3 file of the reading in British English.

Links to short stories followed by questions and answers to adapt to your own lesson plan

Links at this site for sample lessons in many categories

Search 30,000 lesson plans, teaching tips and more

A commercial site with free lesson plans and activities

Ready to use EFL/ESL lesson plans

Download and print an instant-lesson plan for the day from

Listing of lesson plans for all levels and subjects

A method for evaluating and changing your lesson plan

General lesson plans for numerous subjects

Helps teachers write focused lesson plans

A humorous lesson plan

Ten ways to turn lessons into games.

These interactive exercises explain what happens to the trash we throw away

 Teaching Tips
Math Resources


 Teaching Tips
General Resources

Tips from a high school teacher in Japan about stages of a listening exercise.

Site for teachers and students to understand how to pronounce English sounds

Site for teachers and students to understand English word stress and intonation.

Glossary of Second and Primary Language Acquisition Terms; terms and definitions used by ESOL/ESL teachers, trainers and researchers.

Newsgroup for ESOL teachers hosts this site that contains answers to frequently asked questions related to ESL, EFL, TOEFL and more.

ESL Resource Center is a site for students to practice grammar, but this link contains helpful information for teachers who may need to refresh their knowledge of grammar.

Tips and ideas for the first day of class.

Tips for tutors to use technology in the classroom.

Tips for tutoring one-on-one

Introductory manual to workplace ESL.

Article on television and tele-visual literacy in language teaching and learning

Tips on teaching second language learners.

English version of the book, Adult English Language Instruction in the 21st Century.

Article on how reading instruction in ESOL should differ from ABE

List of free books for teachers

What beginning teachers and tutors need to know about adult English language learners

Tips on how to lead small groups.

Tips on lesson planning for small groups.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about teaching beginners.

Input a block of text to find out its complexity, reading level, syllable count and average words in a sentence. Great to analyze web-based material.

Lessons in grammar, slang, idioms, conversation skills, and TOEFL vocabulary.

Word search function and gives definition.

Daily teaching tip at

List of teaching tips at

Article on tips for teaching beginner ESL and low-level adults

An overview of citizenship and tips to prepare students for citizenship tests.

Article on coping with mixed ability classrooms

Tables and charts to understand and remember verb patterns and relationships

6,000 most commonly used English words

Links to search for ESL Civics education

The Internet TESL Journal
Articles, Research Papers, Lesson Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links.

Reading Resources

Language and Literacy.

Speaking Resources

Conversation question cards related to travel.

Conversation question cards about shopping.

Discussion questions about natural disasters.

Conversation question cards about entertainment.

Activity to role-play telephone skills.

Activity to practice telephone skills with a partner.

The bottom of the page contains printable conversation questions on various topics.

"The Expert Game"

Downloadable game board for "Treasure Island," where students try to capture treasure from a pirate. For use with intermediate classes.


Vocabulary Resources

Vocabulary cards related to travel.

Vocabulary cards related to clothes shopping.

Crossword puzzle about food quantifiers.

Matching exercise about natural disaster vocabulary.

Lesson plan with matching game and discussion activity centered on transportation vocabulary. offers this second link to approximately 100 idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, colloquialisms, clich�s and proverbs with context examples. offers this initial link to approximately 700 idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, colloquialisms, clich�s and proverbs with context examples.

Over 40 sets of free, downloadable flash cards for use with children but could be adapted to any classroom.

Choose from an assortment of anagram activities

Free EFL phonics system used at K12 school with cards for presentation, game cards and handouts. The site is a work in progress, but does contain useful items and tips.


Grammar Resources

Exercises within various grammar topics to print.

Reference handout of the most common irregular verbs grouped according to pattern.


Spelling Resources


Listening Resources


Life And Workplace Skills

Handouts and lesson ideas for tutors to teach workplace skills.

Lesson on how to check into a hotel

Lesson on how to budget to buy a car

Technology Resources

Projects using MS Word

General Resources

Free Printable English Worksheets.

Game - In Choice of the Dragon, you get to be one — as nice or as mean as you want!

Handout to use with a musical listening activity; teacher must bring in 4 songs.

Music conversation question cards to print.

ESL handouts and lesson plans for tutors of beginners.

Downloadable cards with characters who live in "Big Town," an imaginary town. Adapt these cards to your own lesson plan to build vocabulary or play the game that is described online.

138 vocabulary flashcards to print for free

Alphabet sheets to print for free

Collection of phonics worksheets to print for free

Collection of thought provoking writing worksheets to download for free

Student's resource section in which teachers can find games, puzzles and more to adapt to classroom activities


General ESOL Resources

Absolute Beginner English; A syllabus to take students from speaking no English at all, to being able to fulfill basic communication needs.

Searchable index of irregular verbs

Searchable English dictionaries

A commercial site with articles on English language usage

A commercial site with online quizzes for various levels

A commercial site with a searchable glossary of grammar terms

A commercial site with a searchable index of English idioms

A commercial site with a glossary of phrasal verbs

Search for ESL materials about speaking, reading and writing

BBC's site where teachers can find lesson plans, news articles, quizzes, business English resources, English by video and radio, and more

Specific link to Teacher's Resources within the BBC's site for teaching English

Articles and other resources to search

A site to discuss learning English and the English language

Choose from a list of words to find definitions and pronunciation

The Newbury House Online Dictionary

Print resource, published 6 times a year, filled with tips, lesson plans, etc

A vast repository of various resources; see the Teacher section

Search for lesson plans by keyword

Six areas of language learning.

Animated libraries of the sounds of English & Spanish






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