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Click on specific topic on the Tutor Help Center menu bar on the right to go to the resources for that topic.

Many of these resources are in "pdf" format and require Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you can get it for free from here.

Learning Profiles


How Learning Profiles Can Strengthen Your Teaching

What Is The Best Way to Identify and Address All of My Students’ Learning Profiles?


Assess and match a student’s Reading Profile

Commercial site offering a free online learning style profile test

Reading Resources


25 Reading Strategies That Work

Techniques for Teaching Beginning-Level Reading to Adults – NCSALL

Summary of Scientifically Based Research Principles: Teaching Adults to Read, A National Institute for Literacy Publication


GCF Lean Free Reading Activities
A site for learners full of free and interactive learn-to-read tools designed specifically for adults.


General Resources
Tutor Help Center
Literacy/ABE Resources 
Learning Disabilities

Vocabulary development strategies discussion group

Yahoo discussion list. Requires sign-in.

Using Video with Adult Learners- Links and Resources

Information on brain based education theories

Strategies on teaching from a Latino perspective

Strategies on teaching from a Native American perspective

Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom

Interactive On-Line Adult Literacy Tutor/Teaching Course

BBC Skillswise English
Practical literacy skills for adults in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and verbal communication skills.

Classroom resources and professional development for educators.

The Learning Progressions for Numeracy and Literacy
National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults.

Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County Self-Study Tutor Training
Paper Based course with open ended questions.

Virginia Literacy Foundation Adult Basic Literacy Tutor Training Workshop
Training course set up like a blog. Users can easily navigate between pages and modules.

ProLiteracy’s Free Online Courses
Requires users to sign-ups.


 Lesson Plans
Writing Resources

Lesson ideas with handouts for tutoring reading and writing


 Lesson Plans
Reading Resources

Lesson ideas with handouts for tutoring reading and writing

 Lesson Plans
Technology Resources

Evaluating websites for use as source material

Article on choosing & using technology in lesson planning

Article on choosing & using software in the classroom

Article on technology-based projects and resources

Lesson plans that integrate technology

Online grammar lessons

 Lesson Plans
Math/Numeracy Resources

Math Lesson plans and handouts for tutors

Games on the computer to help with basic math skills

Worksheets/handouts for basic math skills

Self-correcting online flashcards for basic math skills

Hand outs for a variety of basic math skills


 Lesson Plans
General Resources

LINCS portal to lesson plan on math, reading, writing and health

Search for lesson plans by keyword

Help for teachers to write focused lesson plans

Teacher resources: sample lessons, lessons from teachers in the fields, and TV 411 research

Adult Education Handbook and Toolkit

The Text-Mapping Project.

Lessons for reading comprehension with use of internet articles.

A Course with 13 lessons teaching basics of reading at 0-6 reading levels

Understanding What Reading is All About, teaching materials and lessons for ABE learners

Teaching aids for tutors including games, scavenger hunts, policy updates, curriculum checklist

Interactive On-Line Adult Literacy Tutor/Teaching Course

 Teaching Tips
Reading Resources

Tips for tutoring reading.

Free online course in helping adult learners read.


 Teaching Tips
Writing Resources

Resources for reading, writing & spelling

Writing Instruction Tutor Tips

 Teaching Tips
Math Resources

Tips from a Washington state program on how to teach math.

 Teaching Tips
General Resources

Emotional Literacy: The Elephant in the Room for Adult Learners and Programs

Game - In Choice of the Dragon, you get to be one — as nice or as mean as you want!

Provides “Links of the Week” to provide ideas and materials for tutors

Tips to use technology in the classroom.

California's online resource guide for new ABE teachers.

This site contains tips on teaching students with learning differences.

Online health literacy reference guide.

Article on coping with mixed ability classrooms

Interactive On-Line Adult Literacy Tutor/Teaching Course

Ways to Integrate Technology into ABE


Language and Literacy.

Worksheets with answer keys.

Create all kinds of things with this Dynamic Paper tool.

Lesson ideas and handouts on how to tutor math.

Lesson ideas with handouts for tutoring reading and writing

Site contains lesson plans by category.

Includes handouts for Reading, Math, and Language

Provides ideas for fun games to play

Interactive online lessons for students: Lesson 1   Lesson 2   Lesson 3   Lesson 4   Lesson 5

Handouts across the curriculum

Spelling handouts

Phonics word searches

Reading comprehension exercises

Worksheet to develop writing topics and topic sentences

General Literacy/ABE Resources The story place on the web

Research on ABE learner persistence

Research on applying learning theory in the classroom

Research on participatory approaches to Literacy and ABE

Characteristics of Adult Learners Vs. Childhood Learners

Adult Education Tutor Support Learning Style Quiz

The Notebook
ProLiteracy’s tri-annual publication of lesson plans and suggested activities that covers ESL, GED, and Citizenship. Available in PDF format.

Tutor Training Video Playlist – Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville

The Four Ways Adults Learn Video Lecture

Literacy DuPage’s Youtube Page
Contains short videos of actual one on one tutoring that can be used as examples of activities and how to teach adults.

Literacy DuPage – Free Lesson Packets






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