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Learning Disabilities


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Many of these resources are in "pdf" format and require Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you can get it for free from here.


Reading, writing and math strategies for students with LD.

Strategies and support for adult learners with LD

Tutor Help Center
Learning Disabilities Resources 
Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and teacher tips for students with disabilities

Ten-module tutorial offers information on making distance education accessible LD students

Lesson ideas and handouts for teaching students with LDs.


Teaching Tips

Tips for teaching people with disabilities

Tips, strategies, fact sheet, and resources for adult literacy reading programs

Screening for adults with learning disabilities

Tips for teaching students with LD

Listen to a interview from National Public Radio about adults with learning disabilities.

Fact sheet on different kinds of learning disabilities

Information and contains links to other sites about teaching ESL learners with LD


Handouts and lesson ideas for tutoring students with LDs.

Online books for LD readers

General Learning Disabilities Resources

LDs in the workplace professional development package

Affordable Colleges Online – Resources for Students with Disabilities

Affordable Colleges for Students with Disabilities






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