Speaking the Language of Math

When you think of “literacy,” do you think of reading, writing, and speaking?  What about math?  Do you think about that?  Well, you can’t be good at math without being literate in the language of math!

But math is full of intimidating words and phrases such as “integers,” “linear equations,” “variables,” and “exponents.”  What about those hard-to-interpret verbs like “distribute,” “simplify,” “evaluate,” and “plot” for starters?  Being able to “speak math” is just as important as being able to speak English (or any other language in which you want to communicate).

As a GED teacher, one of the things I struggle to get my students to see is that math isn’t as bad or as hard as they think it is.  Once a person has mastered the language of math, he or she will be much better equipped to handle all of those tasks being presented.

Let’s talk about this some more!  Which parts of math are the most difficult for your students to understand?  Do they “speak” the language of math?  What strategies & resources to you provide your students to assist in this goal?  Come work with me at the Florida Literacy Conference at 9 a.m., Thursday, May 6, as I present a session called “Speaking the Language of Math.”

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