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On December 15 I participated in a webinar called “7 Simple Strategies to Profit From Facebook Marketing”. At first I wasn’t sure what I could get from it, since FLC is not using facebook to “profit,” but there were several tips and ideas  that were given that can ultimately help nonprofits. Here are some of the highlights with my input on how to make it work for you.

1. Know your audience
This is key for whatever you are doing, but especially marketing. Why should people like your page? Do you provide resources, statistics, anecdotal remarks? What actions do you want from your fans? Do you want them to use your services? Do you want to tell them a success story that will make them want to volunteer? Knowing what you want from the people who support you is key to a facebook strategy.

2. Creating engagement opportunities
Ask questions on your page that have a likely response. Don’t ask them to tell a story, people are busy and will “like” a post just because it’s the easiest thing to do. Try “What’s one word you would use to describe__” or “What do you think about what we’re working on?” Find questions that can easily be answered and don’t forget to respond to those who are answering questions! Show appreciation and hopefully they’ll keep going. One of the things emphasized in the webinar was the goal to entertain (photos, videos), educate (articles, statistics), and empower (lessons, takeaways) with every post. As a nonprofit, you specialize in these areas and I’m sure your fans will be excited to see you have an active presence.

3. Create something exciting and welcoming
One of the things suggested in the webinar for multiple uses is a welcome page. This is the first thing someone who is not a “fan” will look at. Give them reasons why they should come to your page and include incentives. “Like us to learn about what’s going on in your community and how you can get involved,” or “Like us and learn about FREE professional development opportunities”. You have a lot to offer. Tell people about it! I’ve created a basic welcome page for us .. for now. Big things are coming soon ;).

As a nonprofit, don’t forget that you have services to sell that can translate into grant dollars.  Let people know how great you are, why they should listen to you, and you will be successful.

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Very interesting…thanks for the tips!


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