GED Studying 101

Studying for the GED can be daunting. Students may be embarrassed to go to a program to study, be nervous about additional costs, or think that they could do a better job with their own schedule. FLC has a GED section to our website that can answer any question you might have about getting a GED; testing places, program sites, online resources and FAQs.

The GED testing service has a series of videos that will answer FAQs from the source. This is great if you find the wording too confusing, or just want to have someone tell you more about the test.

Besides taking the GED, let your students know that there are other options. Florida Virtual School has classes for students to complete so they can get their high school diploma. Online Adult Education courses can be enormously helpful for the student who wants to get a standard high school diploma versus a GED. Florida Adult and Technical Distance Educational Consortium also has some free classes on subjects that could help you study or get high school credit.

Take a practice test! You can do this initially to see what you need work on, throughout the studying process as a check in, and then again at the end to feel more confident and ready. Nothing will help ease the nervousness like getting familiarized with your opponent.

After you have your questions answered, have taken a practice test, and decided that you want to take the GED, visit Florida GED Task force. This is your ultimate source for any question and any section you could have issues with on the test and a website with a corresponding activity.

As an educator, if you want to practice with the NEW GED assessment for the 2014 updated GED, don’t forget to check out GED’s new assessment materials. 

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