Top Stories in Literacy: June 25

Top Stories in LiteracyNew Report: 90 Million Low-skilled workers to be out of work for good
According to a just-released report by the McKinsey Global Institute, between 90 and 95 million low-skilled workers, or 2.6% of the global workforce, could be permanently jobless by 2020. At the same time, employers will increasingly seek medium-  and high-skilled workers, meaning those who have completed secondary school and some vocational training, and workers with college or postgraduate degrees.

Graduate of Saint Leo’s online degree in Business Administration earns cash scholarship
Adult learner Shakeya Scott recently earned her online degree in business administration, and received the Dr. Michael Rogich Endowed Center for Online Learning Student Award, for being an outstanding representative of Saint Leo University.

A better way to reduce Florida’s high prison costs
One of the key elements in the Government Efficiency Task Force’s 250-page report is reform of the criminal justice system and a shift in corrections priorities. The commission proposed sound and proven policies that reduce recidivism — inmate education, vocational training and literacy programs.

States form coalition to boost career training
More than a year after the release of a Harvard University report encouraging the development of more pathways to careers for young adults, a coalition of six states has begun taking steps toward offering viable alternatives for students beyond attending a four-year college.

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