Jumpstart your 2013 Fundraising with 6 Low-Cost/Free Tools for Nonprofits

It’s hardly a surprise that just when people ask for assistance the most, nonprofit organizations experience the most difficulty bringing in donations vital to maintaining, or even increasing, its efforts to support the needs of the community. Overcoming this paradox can be quite the challenge, but there is hope!

Lucky for those working with community organizations, advancing technologies are capable of being cost-effective and of providing alternative, highly efficient ways to increase an organization’s reach to potential donors. Such technologies often exist without a NPOs knowledge, rendering them useless. In an effort to inform you of the best resource out there, FLC has researched low-cost/free tools that can expand your organization’s fundraising efforts without deflating your wallet. Below are 6 great fundraising tools that your organization will want to check out.

  1. Formstack: This site lets nonprofits create online forms which provide an easy, secure method to collect contact information of new donors and/or volunteers. Forms can also be created to process donations on your organization’s website.
  2.  #FundraisingFriday: This hashtag is a twitter campaign that encourages supporters to donate $10 to their favorite nonprofit every week. It’s free, and perfect for getting the word out to potential donors seeking new organizations to support.
  3. GivingLibrary: This site acts as an outlet for nonprofits to present potential donors and/or volunteers with their mission, past accomplishments, and future plans. Be sure to register your organization up and get access to another medium for accessing potential donors.
  4. #GivingTuesday: Similar to #FundraisingFriday, this hashtag is a twitter campaign designed to increase donations during the time of year people are most willing to give: holiday season. To begin on Tuesday, November 23rd, be sure to promote your nonprofit with #GivingTuesday and increase awareness of your cause.
  5. MobileCause: This app is a low-cost mobile service provider which exclusively serves nonprofits. If you’re ready to implement text-to-donate services, MobileCause is the low-cost provider for you.
  6. SupporterWall: This site lets nonprofits construct a “SupporterWall” which donors can choose to purchase different sized squares on which their names will be displayed. This grid is customizable and can be installed on your website. There are two options for payment, both of which are reasonably priced.

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