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There are several people just like you who have taken the next step and completed the GED® test. Here is a list of celebrities who you would be joining in that group.

50 Cent
Angelina Jolie
Bill Cosby
Bjorn Born
Bo Bice
Bo Derek
Carrie Fisher
Cary Grant
Chris Rock
Christian Slater
Christina Applegate
Cyndi Lauper
D.L. Hughley
Danica Patrick
Danny Aiello
Danny Thomas (founder of Wendy’s)
David Bowie
Dean Martin
Ellen Burstyn
Evel Knievel
F. Story Musgrave (NASA astronaut for 30 years)
Flip Wilson
Fran Lebowitz (author)
Frank Sinatra
Gene Hackman
George Harrison
Gerard Depardieu
Glen Campbell
Hilary Swank
Jackie Collins (New York Times Best Seller)
James Garner
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Lewis
Jessica Simpson
John Chancellor (News journalist)
John Travolta
Jon Huntsman ( 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate)
Judge Greg Mathis
Kweisi Mfume (NAACP President)
Lindsay Lohan
Mark Wahlberg
Mary Lou Retton (Olympic gymnast)
Merle Haggard
Michael Caine
Michael J. Fox
Michelle Rodriguez
Nicholas Cage
Olivia Newton John
Oscar de la Hoya
Paris Hilton
Peter Jennings
Peter O’Toole
Redd Foxx
Richard Pryor
Ringo Starr
Rob Thomas
Robert Wagner
Roger Daltrey (The Who)
Sanjaya Malakar
Sean Connery
Sonny Bono
Steve McQueen
Tom Jones
Wally Amos (Famous Amos)
Waylon Jennings

The School District of Palm Beach County
Adult Ed “25 Celebrity Dropouts who earned a GED”
Adult Ed “25 More Celebrity Dropouts Who Earned a GED”

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