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In order to pass the test and receive a State of Florida High School Diploma, you must:

  • Earn a standard score of at least 150 on each of the four GED® subtests.
  • Candidates who pass the test are given a State of Florida High School Diploma and an Official Transcript that lists GED® test scores.
  • Candidates who earn a standard score of at least 170 on each subtest earn an honors diploma demonstrating college- and career-readiness.

Each subtest is worth a set number of raw score points. Individual questions are worth different numbers of score points. For example, a test item with two drop-down selections would be worth two points, since the test-taker is being asked two separate things. In this case, it would be possible to earn 0, 1, or 2 points on that test item. A test-taker’s raw score is then scaled to a number from 100 to 200, with 150 scaled score points for a Passing Standard high school equivalency diploma and 170 scaled score points for an Honors (college- and career-ready) diploma.

If the candidate fails to earn scores high enough to receive a diploma, he/she can retake all or selected subject area tests to achieve passing scores. Testing centers may require candidates who don’t pass the test to enroll in preparation classes or wait a pre-determined amount of time before attempting to retest. Candidates may retake a subject at a discounted rate two times. If the test-taker does not pass a subject test after the third attempt, he/she will need to wait at least 60 days before attempting again and will need to pay full price to retake the test for a third time.

How are GED® test scores related to rank-in-class?

Grade point average cannot be determined from GED® test scores.  However, GED® percentile ranks can be viewed as approximate class rank. GED® percentile rankings represent the GED® graduate's performance related to the performance on the GED® Tests of a representative group of graduating high school seniors.

GED® Standard Score and Estimated Class Rank of Graduating High School Seniors

GED® Score

Est. Class Rank

GED® Score

Est. Class Rank


Top 1%


Top 22%


Top 2%


Top 31%


Top 3%


Top 39%


Top 5%


Top 46%


Top 7%


Top 57%


Top 10%


Top 66%


Top 16%


Top 73%

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