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In order to pass the test and receive a State of Florida High School Diploma, you must earn a standard score of at least 145 on each of the four GED® subtests.

Each sub test is worth a set number of raw score points. Individual questions are worth different numbers of score points. For example, a test item with two drop-down selections would be worth two points, since the test-taker is being asked two separate things. In this case, it would be possible to earn 0, 1, or 2 points on that test item. A test-taker's raw score is then scaled to a number from 100 to 200.

If the candidate fails to earn scores high enough to receive a diploma, they can retake all or selected subject area tests to achieve passing scores. Testing centers may require candidates who don’t pass the test to enroll in preparation classes or wait a predetermined amount of time before attempting to retest. Candidates may retake a subject at a discounted rate two times. If the test-taker does not pass a subject test after the third attempt, they will need to wait at least 60 days before attempting again and will need to pay full price to retake the test.

How are GED® test scores related to rank-in-class?

Grade point average cannot be determined from GED® test scores.  However, GED® percentile ranks can be viewed as approximate class rank. GED® percentile rankings represent the GED® graduate's performance related to the performance on the GED® Tests of a representative group of graduating high school seniors.

GED® Standard Score and Estimated Class Rank of Graduating High School Seniors

GED® Score

Est. Class Rank

GED® Score

Est. Class Rank


Top 1%


Top 22%


Top 2%


Top 31%


Top 3%


Top 39%


Top 5%


Top 46%


Top 7%


Top 57%


Top 10%


Top 66%


Top 16%


Top 73%

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