FLC Announces GED Website Expansion

FLC is pleased to announce the expansion of its GED section on its website. This section has been updated to include general information about the GED test along with specific sections for students, teachers and administrators alike.

While the language can be understood by adult learners aspiring to obtain their GED diploma, the site also provides detailed information that everyone involved with adult literacy and adult basic education need to know. Whether it’s in search of a specific answer to a question or used for reference, the new GED section will help you find what you’re looking for.

In an effort to create the best site on the GED test, FLC researched the different state GED sites available. FLC has put together an intuitive, easy to navigate site which provides useful information on all things related to the GED. Our site also covers the upcoming changes of the GED test, warnings for test-takers, test day tips, self-study resources, teacher resources, tips for during and after the test along with an extensive FAQ.

While we all now know about the upcoming changes to the GED test, some still don’t know that GED diploma recipients may be eligible for the Bright Futures scholarship, or that the GED test can be taken in a language other than English. Perhaps there’s something you don’t know about the GED. The Florida Literacy GED site is up and running, so go check it out at [http://www.floridaliteracy.org/ged_information.html] as a refresher. You might even learn something new!

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