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Many people who make the decision to drop out of high school often do so out of necessity. They may be responsible for round-the-clock care of dependents, or feel pressure to earn money instead of spending all day at school. Read more…

How to Take the GED For Free: LIBRE Institute’s High School Diploma Initiative Take a moment to review the following statistics on the reasons why someone may be interested in obtaining a GED: Reasons for obtaining a GED credential Meet requirements Read more…

FLC is pleased to announce the expansion of its GED section on its website. This section has been updated to include general information about the GED test along with specific sections for students, teachers and administrators alike. While the language Read more…

If math wasn’t a favorite subject of your adult learners before, using a virtual calculator could make the math section of the new GED exam more challenging. GED Testing Service says that the on-screen calculator is the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Read more…

Students without a high school diploma or GED are being helped through transition programs offered by school districts and state colleges in Florida.  A growing number of post secondary educational programs now allow students to begin studying to attain a Read more…

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