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Relevant Sites

National Center for ESL Literacy (NCLE)
NCLE provides information on adult ESL literacy education to teachers and tutors, program directors, researchers, and policymakers interested in the education of refugees, immigrants, and other U.S. residents whose native language is other than English.

ESL Plans and Resources
ESL Practitioners can find lesson plans and engaging activities.

Dave's ESL Café offers 15 ESL teacher forums which include class activities, adult education, linguistics, bilingual education, computer-assisted learning, elementary education and employment. There are also 15 student forums on such topics as hobbies, holidays, current news, movies, computers, literature, music and learning English. There is a job offer area and a place to post resume links.

Clearly Said ñ Clearly Readî
Phonemic Awareness strategies and lesson plans for English language learners.

Computer Resources for ESL
This web site is a search-able, online database of over 300 items of reviewed software, web sites and other materials that are available to assist in the learning of ESL/ESOL.

Program Manager's Toolkit
Promising Practices
Starting A Program
Starting a Library Based Program
Program Management
Reading Instructions/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
ESL Online Publication
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways
Online Tutor Training

English For All is a free, interactive, web-based multimedia system for adults learning English as a second language.

The Internet Picture Dictionary is a completely free, online multilingual picture dictionary designed especially for ESL students and beginning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian language learners of all ages.
This is a hands-on site for Spanish speaking students

Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center
This site has many resources available for ESOL teachers including the multilevel curriculum Building Basics ESOL Toolkit for General Construction, Landscaping, Painting and Plumbing, information on lesson planning and a Health Literacy Toolkit.


How Should Adult ESL Reading Instruction Differ from ABE Reading Instruction?
Miriam Burt, Joy Kreeft Peyton, and Carol Van Duzer
This brief offers insight on how non native English speakers differ in learning styles from native English speakers and offers suggestions on effective instruction.

Online Professional Development for Adult ESL Educators
National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE)

By William B. Hawk

Hands On English
Hands-on English provides tips and hints for teaching English in easier and fun ways.

What You Need To Know About…
This site illustrates the basic principles behind planning the curriculum of a new ESL/EFL class.

Thirteen/Ed Online
WNET Educational Initiative
This site helps students to learn how to utilize real-life materials that they have to use in their every day lives.

Earth Renewal
This is useful list of terms and definitions used by ESOL/ESL teachers, teacher trainers and researchers.

Adult Literacy Resource Institute (ALRI)
This site provides answers to problems with integrating technology into the ESL classroom and curriculum.


ProLiteracy's Leamos™ @ the Library Toolkit
This toolkit was developed to support public libraries as they offer the program in their communities. It is intended to provide guidance, examples and templates for implementation.

Serving Non-English Speakers in U.S. Public LibrariesThis report is the first national study of library services developed for non-English speakers.

Adult ESL Teacher Credentialing and Certification from CAELA

This brief helps explain the qualifications needed to become an adult ESL educator in the United States and talks about current efforts being made in the area of certification and credentialing.  

Effects of Instructional Hours and Intensity of Instruction on NRS Level Gain in Listening and Speaking a CAL digest

This report describes the results of researching the questions: What is the relationship between instructional hours and educational level gain on BEST Plus? and What is the relationship between intensity of instruction and educational level gain on BEST Plus?

Pathways and Outcomes: Tracking ESL Student Performance (ESL5)

This brief explains why in adult education especially for those teaching English, the need for professional development is justified. It also analyzes the writings and research available on various types of professional development and how those writings and research impact professional development design.

Professional Development
for Adult ESL Practitioners: Building Capacity

This brief explains why in adult education especially for those teaching English, the need for professional development is justified. It also analyzes the writings and research available on various types of professional development and how those writings and research impact professional development design.  

The CAELA Guide for Adult ESL Trainers
This is a guide created by the Center For Adult English Language Acquisition to assist in teacher trainings, specifically for those teaching in adult English language classes.

Adult ESL Learner Assessment: Purposes and Tools

By Miriam Burt and Fran Keenan
National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE), September 1995
This digest looks at learner assessment in adult ESL programs. It describes commercially available tests and alternative assessment tools, discusses key issues in assessment, and highlights some of the differences between assessment and evaluation.

Know Your Rights: Resources for People Working with Immigrant Families
This website contains community-facing materials on public charge to better equip immigrants with what they need to know to make the best decision for themselves and for their families.

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
SPRING 2001 Vol. 3, No. 1, Eastern University
This is the online magazine Multicultural Education.

Conversation Topic: Work
By Jack Bradshaw
This lesson plan for ESL students includes conversation questions about work and employment.

Adult Education ESL Teachers’ Guide
C. Ray Graham and Mark M. Walsh
Adult Education Center, Texas A & I University
Designed as an introduction to new ESL/ESOL teachers, this site includes an orientation, beginning and intermediate lessons and accompanying teacher training modules, and a section on teaching non-literate adults.

Dave’s ESL Café
This is a searchable list of American slang words and phrases with short definitions.

Comenius English Language Center
This site provides stories and online interactive exercises for ESL learners.

Many Things
This is a fun study site for students of English as a Second Language.

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