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Relevant Sites

The American Library Association, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services offers this site where library outreach literacy programs can be listed. You can submit your organizational information. As the site grows, it will be a good resource for information on these programs.

Free Management Library
This library is a free community resource to be shared and contributed to by users and readers across the world. The overall goal of the library is to provide leaders and managers (especially those with very limited resources) basic and practical information about personal, professional and organizational development.

Library Media P&R
This site has resources, tips and toolkits. A library of downloadable resources is available.
This site offers design and marketing how-to, project ideas and tips, plus a carefully researched collection of design-oriented links and resources.
Volunteer Today is an e-newsletter for those who manage the work of volunteers in nonprofit, government or corporate programs. Its aim is two-fold: 1) build the capacity of individuals to organize effective volunteer programs; 2) enhance the profession of volunteer management

Program Manager's Toolkit
Promising Practices
Starting A Program
Starting a Library Based Program
Program Management
Reading Instructions/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
ESL Online Publication
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways
Online Tutor Training

A Framework for Utilizing Long-Term Volunteers
Josh Gahr, Texas A&M Education and Human Development
This article aims to elucidate those benefits and provide a framework for hosting a long-term volunteer or intern in a literacy center.

Design Your Logo Like A Pro
Eileen Parzak
A logo is essentially at the heart of a corporate identity. In this article we will look at various issues designing logos which work in two distinct worlds - print and online.

All About Marketing
Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD
This article includes sections on Basics and Planning, Market Analysis and Positioning, Protecting Ownership of Your Products/Services, Evaluating Your Marketing Efforts and more.

Behavior and Beliefs of Volunteer Literacy Tutors
Catherine Hambly, MA
This paper examines the behaviors and beliefs of a group of volunteer tutors to discover why they did not maintain close contact with their literacy organization. After describing the tutors' behavior in the matches with learners, the study draws a link from an apparent contradiction–that tutors desire to help their learners but are complacent about their learners' progress–to a belief system shared by these tutors.

Outreach and Retention in Adult ESL Literacy Programs
Shirley Brod
This digest discusses outreach methods; it examines learners' reasons for enrolling in ESL classes and for leaving the classes; and it suggests ways to improve retention.

Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers
This article explains creative approaches to developing a diverse pool of tutors.

Adult Students: Recruitment and Retention
Michael E. Wonacott
This Brief reviews recent research related to adult student recruitment and retention and provides guidelines for recruiting and retaining adult learners.

Characteristics of a Good Recruitment Message
Steve McCurley
This article gives guidance as to what makes an effective recruitment message.


Adult Student Waiting List Survey
This two part report sheds light on the question regarding waiting lists for adult education and literacy classes.

Basic Definitions: Advertising, Media, Promotion, Public Relations, Publicity, and Sales
Advertising, marketing, promotion, public relations and publicity and sales are often used interchangeably. However, they refer to different -- but similar activities. Some basic definitions are provided as well as a short example.

Media P& R Toolbox
From the Library Media P & R, download these free promotional materials.

Program Quality Indicator Area: Recruitment
Recruitment to literacy programs is facilitated by using a combination of strategies. This activity engages learners in identifying strategies they believe will effectively recruit students to their programs.

Recruitment Issues and Strategies for Adults Who Are Not Currently Participating in Literacy and Adult Basic Education (ABE) Programs
This study shows how initiating interventions using students as a recruitment element is not only efficient and cost effective; it also lends itself to an action research method of future interventions and continuous tracking.

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