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Literacy Resources


Reading Instructions/Research

Relevant Sites

The Adult Reading Component Study
On this website, 569 ABE learners from the ARCS are grouped into 11 profiles. You will learn more about profiles as you navigate the site via two tracks.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Literacy Coaches
Fall 2013, Ramona Chauvin and Kathleen Theodore
Literacy coaches provide teachers from all content areas with the support and professional development they need to deliver high-quality literacy instruction to all students. This issue of SEDL Insights examines how education leaders can help literacy coaches have the greatest impact at their schools.

Internet Picture Dictionary
This online picture dictionary can be used with students to teach vocabulary. Activities include flashcards, fill in the blank, word scrambles and spelling recall.

Learning Resources
The Learning Resources site offers web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau news stories.

Literacy Connections
Literacy Connections provides a wealth of information on reading, teaching and tutoring techniques, ESL literacy, and adult literacy.

Reading Comprehension Lessons:
Free-spirited, structured, multisensory learning.

Program Manager's Toolkit
Promising Practices
Starting A Program
Starting a Library Based Program
Program Management
Reading Instructions/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
ESL Online Publication
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways
Online Tutor Training

The Study Place
This interactive site helps to build lesson plans as well as give you access to ready made lesson plans.

We All Can Read
We All Can Read was developed for adults with very low reading skills. This site offers the first 28 lessons of the We All Can Read online program free.


Adult Basic Education - Strategies for Supporting Learning
This is a pdf document written by Judith Alamprese. It discusses the Adult Basic Education system in the U.S.

Journal Writing as a Tool to Enhance Adult Literacy Processes
Vinitha Joyappa
This article chronicles the experience of an adult literacy tutor that uses journal writing as a tool.

To Read or Not to Read
National Endowment for the Arts
This study shows startling decline in how well and how much Americans are Reading.


Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Options for Practice and Research
Review policy and research briefs, and improving adult literacy instruction themed booklets.

Contextualized Instruction
Using the principles taught in this course will help you design and deliver more meaningful and effective instruction for your students. 

Literacy Volunteers of Central CT
Lessons covering basic skills, health, grammar and more.

TESL-EJ: The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language
TESL-EJ began as the brainchild of a group of scholars who saw the need for a freely-distributed electronic academic journal. It has grown to become an internationally- recognized source of ESL and EFL information for people in scores of countries.

Reading Profiles
On this website, five components are presented to identify different patterns of reading strengths and weaknesses: word recognition, spelling, word meaning, silent reading comprehension and oral reading rate.

TV 411: Reading
This interactive lesson helps to teach the fundamentals of reading the newspaper. Students will learn how to find information in a newspaper as well as figure out the main idea of articles.

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