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Annotated Bibliography in Family Literacy
The Goodling Institute’s Annotated Bibliography in Family Literacy is intended for program staff, researchers, community leaders, private and public funding agencies, policymakers, and others who want to learn more about family literacy.

Organization whose goal it is to create opportunity through affordable housing.

The Association for Successful Parenting: Enhancing the Loves of Families When Parents Have Learning Difficulties
We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of at-risk parents with learning difficulties and their children. This primarily includes parents who may be indentified as persons with intellectual disabilities or borderline intellectual functioning. The site provides resources and opportunities for professional development.

Talking About Wordless Picture Books
National Center for Family Literacy has developed  a publication entitled Talking About Wordless Picture Books. Designed to be used by tutors or volunteers with low level English Language Learners, the booklet provides activities that help ELL parents build and practice English.

Tutor Tips
Reading Instruction/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
Equipped for the Future - Classroom Activities
Multiple Intelligences
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways

National Center for Family Literacy

This is a television series for adults who want to strengthen their literacy skills by using interactive lessons that correspond with the television show.

U.S. Department of Education
This site provides information and links for teachers of all ages and subject areas.

Verizon Literacy Campus

Parents and children can learn together through different “wonders” of the day.


Parent and Family Involvement in Education, From the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2012
National Center for Education Statistics, August 2013
This report presents findings from the Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey of the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2012 (NHES:2012). The Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey collected data on children enrolled in public or private school for kindergarten through 12th grade or homeschooled for these grades. The survey collected information about various aspects of parent involvement in education, such as help with homework, family activities, and parent involvement at school. For homeschooled students, the survey asks questions related to the student’s homeschooling experiences, the sources of the curriculum, and the reasons for homeschooling.

Parent Interventions and Interactive Literacy Activities
Goodling Institute, August 2012

Toward a Multiple Life Cycles Education Policy: Investing in the Education of Adults to Improve the Educability of Children (March 2007)
Tom Sticht

Building On Existing Strengths to Increase Family Literacy
Wendy Schwartz

Family and Intergenerational Literacy
Sandra Kirker

Family Literacy: The Magic of Reading
Road to Reading Project
This is an article that illustrates ways to encourage family literacy in the home.

Getting it Right from the Start
Thomas G. Sticht
The case for early parenthood education.

Parents’ Reports of the School Readiness of Young Children from the National Household Education Surveys Program
National Center for Education Statistics
This report presents findings on school readiness of young children and how characteristics of family affect development.

Working with Preliterate and Beginning Literacy Level Parents in Family Literacy and Parent Involvement Programs
Colleen Shaughnessy and Esther Prins, Goodling Institute
November 2012


Laptop Letters
E-book for family literacy that helps parents write important letters to their children.

Family Literacy: A Research Agenda to Build the Future
The Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy sponsored a Think Tank on researching family literacy October 15 – 16 in the Washington, D.C. area. The Think Tank brought together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners who are involved in family literacy to brainstorm a national research agenda for family literacy. This research agenda is expected to focus the work of the Goodling Institute as well as guide research nationally in family literacy.

Brain Pop
This is a highly interactive science, health and technology web site designed for new learners.

Family Literacy Resource Guide
Family Literacy Task Force
This guide will take a practitioner from how to begin a family literacy group to collaboration and recruitment.

Family Literacy Resource Notebook
Connie Sapin and Nancy Padak

Intergenerational Cultural Traditions
Susan Gaer and Melissa Wilhoit
This is a project in which grandparents, parents and children write about and illustrate their experience of the same family tradition from different generational perspectives.

This site helps parents see news, tips, activities, and features geared to their child's age.
They can sign up to get a free parenting newsletter.

Parent Made Developmental Toys
Rita Hoppert
This curriculum focuses on hands-on, sensorimotor learning materials for both parent and child. Parents make developmental toys during ABLE sessions and also manipulate materials when they focus on their own learning needs.

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