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Illustrative Mathematics

Inside Mathematics

Developmental Mathematics Live
Wiki-space that offers different models and practices for algebraic literacy.

LINCS: Adult Numeracy Project
The four LINCS Regional Professional Development Centers offer the Adult Numeracy Instruction – Professional Development training (ANI-PD), an intensive evidence-based program in effective numeracy instruction for adults.

BBC Skillswise Math
Skills to help adults learn numbers, calculation, percentages, measuring, shapes, and graphs

Get the Math
Math exercises made relevant for different work industries

Core Math Tools Home

National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (UK)
The National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) is dedicated to conducting research and development projects to improve literacy, numeracy, language and related skills and knowledge.

Math Learning Disabilities
Shows how different abilities affect math.

Bright Ideas: Illuminations

Free Math Tutor

Resource Room: Math Lessons and Articles

eHow Videos: Basic Math Skills

A Social and Holistic Approach to Numeracy
This site provides activities to social and holistic numeracy.

Math Instruction, Reinforcement and Learning Activities

Scaffolded Math and Science
A new blog from the writer of the now retired Zero Sum Ruler blog..

Elana Feder's and Abby Magee's MLOTS Page
These resources assist students in preperation for the GED.

The Adult Education Teachers' Place
Offers resources for teaching math at all levels. This space is not only for teachers, but has also been built in part by teachers.

Focus on Basics: Numeracy

Teacher Investigating Adult Numeracy

Calculation Nation
Math games.

Sample lessons and blog from teachers

Tutor Tips
Reading Instruction/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
Equipped for the Future - Classroom Activities
Multiple Intelligences
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways

Mathematics Anxiety: Separating the Math from the Anxiety

Components of Effective Mathematics Instruction

Combating the Negative Effects of Math Anxiety

In the News: The Structure and Purpose of Algebra Instruction

Building on Foundations for Success

Changing the Way We Teach Math
Kate Nonesuch
This manual was written for ABE math instructors who are interested in changing their teaching practice to bring it more in line with recommendations from the research literature on teaching numeracy to adults. The manual sets out some “best practices” from the literature, then outlines some difficulties instructors may face in implementing them, and makes suggestions for overcoming the difficulties. Finally, there are many pages of activities ready for immediate classroom use, which provide examples of some ways of implementing the best practices.

Students' Understanding of the Equal Sign not Equal
Taken very literally, not all students are created equal—especially in their math learning skills, say Texas A&M University researchers who have found that not fully understanding the “equal sign” in a math problem could be a key to why U.S. students underperform their peers from other countries in math.

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults: Make Sense of Numbers to Solve Problems
Developed by the National Centre of Literacy & Numeracy for Adults, New Zealand the linked article has resources on various reading and mathematics topics

Washington Math Adult Learning Standards

ABE Uses Math to Solve Problems and Communicate Curriculum Framework

Study Suggests Math Teachers Scrap Balls and Slices
Entranced, perhaps, by those infamous hypothetical trains, many educators in recent years have incorporated more and more examples from the real world to teach abstract concepts. The idea is that making math more relevant makes it easier to learn.

Learning Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives
A popular approach to help students understand abstract concepts is the use of manipulatives. Manipulatives enable students and teachers to represent concretely the abstract concepts that they are learning in mathematics class and to link these concepts to prior knowledge.

The Enemy of My Enemy
An article by Steven Strogatz of Cornell University about subtraction.

Interactive learning modules categorized by concept. Contains math and science topics ranging from algebra and statistics to chemistry and earth science.

An online illustrated math resource with terms ranging from basic arithmetic to statistics. Includes an index organized by subject and grade-level.


FLC's Khan Academy GED Math YouTube Playlist
FLC has launched a new webpage featuring select YouTube videos covering math subjects on the GED. Building of FLC’s highly popular GED/Khan Academy YouTube Playlist, this new page includes over 200 ad free videos, a student tracking sheet and section quizzes to test knowledge.

This resource is now available as a mobile app! Click here to add the app to your Apple or Android device.

ABE Contextualized Math Modules: Driving a Truck—Reading Maps, Computing Distance, and Figuring Gas Mileage

Activities for the TI-30X IIS GED Calculator

VIDEO: Societies Changing Needs for Math

Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Enjoy
Algebra help.

Thinking Blocks
Model your math problems.  

Facing the Challenge of Numeracy in Adult Education
This 42-page report, by project director Forrest Chisman (9/13/11) is the final report on CAAL’s two-year Adult Numeracy project.  The topic is one of the most complex, neglected, and extremely important areas of adult education. 

Free Math Lesson Videos

PowerPoint Math Lessons

Making Change

Comparing Fractions

EMPower: Extending Mathematical Power for Adult Education/GED

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

Helping Students Interpret Numeric Information
Data, or numerical information, can be described, represented, analyzed, and interpreted in various ways for various purposes. This course looks at some common uses (and misuses) of data. Learn about the measures of central tendency, graphs, and probability. Through the course readings, activities, and discussions, you’ll review basic concepts and explore strategies for introducing and teaching these concepts to your adult students.

Division with Remainders

Fractions, Distance and Time

Do The Math Dance
Combining math and dance concepts allows people to experience a physical sensation of the often abstract concepts of math. Mathematical problem-solving is incorporated when creating new dances, which can even inspire new mathematics. Concepts can be taught in the ballroom and applied in the classroom, bring together movement, rhythm, geometry, and more.

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults
This website provides information and resources to strengthen literacy and numeracy teaching and learning for adults.

Ethiopian Math

Responds to Your Answers...So it Will Train Your Weaknesses
Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect -- and excel at -- paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them.

Purple Math

Multiplication Bingo

Math Magician Games

Responds to Your Answers...So it Will Train Your Weaknesses
Get in some serious multiplication table training.

Time Tables from the BBC

Pan Balance - Numbers
Use this tool to find numerical expressions that are equivalent to one another.

Add & Subtract Integers Fact Sheet

Multiply & Divide Integers Fact Sheet

Integers: Operations with Signed Numbers

Distributive Property
A video about the distributive property of multiplication.

Finger Trick for Multiplication
Times Table 6-10

Subtracting Integers
A video to review essential concepts and procedures of subtraction.

Tic Tac Toe Math, an Instructional Guide

More Complicated Than It Seems - A Review of Literacy About Adult Numeracy Instruction
This review is for adult numeracy practitioners and concentrates on topics related to instructional methods.

Real World Math: 6 Everyday Examples

The Components of Numeracy
This paper describes the nature of numeracy and helps to guide instruction.

SABES Math Resources

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