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Resources for Students

Sample GED Writings

Jumbled-Sentence Exercises
Easy English grammar exercises for ESL/EFL Beginners

Sentence Structure Writing Practice

Laptop Letters
Helps parents write important letters to their children

Five Guidelines for Learning spelling and Six Ways for Practicing Spelling

Proof-reading tool

Essay Map
Map out your Essays online!

Tutor Tips
Reading Instruction/Research
Family Literacy
Health Literacy
Learning Disabilities
Equipped for the Future - Classroom Activities
Multiple Intelligences
International Resources
Financial Literacy
Career Pathways


Relevant Sites for Teachers


Adult Secondary Education and College Preparation Writing Instruction Video Review Write-Ups
These eleven videos are reviewed by ten experts in adult education for their effectiveness in writing instruction for adult secondary education learners.

Developing Writers Course, Annenberg Media
This writing course, geared to high school teachers, provides practical advice for teaching writing and includes excellent videos.

Online Tutor Training: Teaching Writing to Adults

This free resource provides an overview of writing instruction with a focus on teaching adult beginning writers in a one-to-one setting. VALRC.

Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Communities
An EL/Civics-focused curriculum from Prince William County VA, integrates process writing into lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced adult ESOL students.

Colorado State University's open-source learning environment and writing studio which provides a variety of interactive activities and lessons for teachers and learners.

Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center
Top website for teaching adult education students how to write and other useful writing resources.

Citation Guides

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Provides resources for ESL instructors and Students

Writing Compositions
A teacher describes a lesson that has students working in groups to produce a story.

Problems in Learning to Read and Write
This site presents the whole range of English reading and spelling problems. 
It shows why so many learners of English have difficulties with reading and writing.

Just Write! Guide
Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy guide for student writing.

HopeLink Adult Education Tutor Support
Reading and writing lesson ideas, hand outs, and class suggestions.

Problems in Learning to Read and Write
This site presents the whole range of English reading and spelling problems. It shows why so many learners of English have difficulties with reading and writing.

ESL Writing: Write it Right!
ESL Writing Worksheets to help students writing become fluent, modern and well written.

ABC Teach - Spelling
Worksheets and handouts on circle & spell, frequently misspelled words, missing letters (fill ins) and word shapes activities.

Misunderstood Minds
This site’ sections include; Understanding the components and phases of composing an essay, difficulties in writing development, and how to help students with writing difficulties.

Advanced Level ESL Process Essay Curriculum
Assignments and lesson plan for creating an essay and telling a digital story.

Lesson Plans

Process Writing Activity
A teacher describes a lesson that deals with images and students discussing writing.

Finding a Topic of Writing
A work sheet designed to help students think about subjects they might want to write about.

Tips for Tutors
A basic outline for the writing process from prewriting to editing. 

Abstraction Poems Lesson

A teacher describes a lesson that deals with poetry in an ESOL classroom.
Biography Activity
Provides a verity of activities to help students with writing biographies.

Nature Poetry
Free writing lesson plan in which students describe nature and the environment.

Whose Sentence is it Anyway?
A lesson on sentence structure

Thinking of a Topic Sentence

Speak Read Write


Journal Writing as a Tool to Enhance Adult Literacy Processes

How Words Cast Their Spell
R. Malatesha Joshi, Rebecca Treiman, Suzanne Carreker, and Louisa C. Moats

Recent Developments Which Affect Spelling
Valerie Yule, English Today


The ESOL Writing Process: Engaging Learners through Evidence-Based Instruction
Facilitated by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein






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