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2024 Sessions

Below please find a preliminary list of Conference session titles.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

GED Program Update

Building Partnerships, Boosting Outcomes: Collaborative Strategies for Libraries and Adult Education Providers

Teaching Academic Writing Strategies to Adult ESOL Students

Social media strategy for SMALL organizations!

Florida Literacy Coalition Annual Meeting

Essential Education: Get the Classroom Demonstration You’ve Always Wanted

50 Ways to Encourage and Inspire a Love of Reading

Develop Learning Strategies to Achieve Academic Success

Meeting Supply Chain Needs, IET's supporting English Language Learners

Learn the Skills that Pays the Bills: A Novel Approach to Employability

Making the Move from ESL to ABE

USCIS Naturalization 101

A Beginniner's Guide to Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurship and How SCORE Can Help

Pictures: Worth More Than 1000 Words

Using the ELPs Standards to Guide Instructions in the ESL Classroom

Keeping Learners Motivated and Engaged

GED Program Update

Books & Cooks: Building Healthy Habits through Reading

Unlock the Written Word

Unlock the Written Word

Adult Learner Experience

Learn English Anywhere: Strategies for Successful Online English Conversation Classes

Integrating ELA into Social Studies & Science

AI for ESOL: Tools, Techniques, and Transformation

Infusing Financial Literacy into an ESOL Course


Thursday, May 9, 2024

Florida Department of Education Update

Family Literacy in Action Panel

Literacy Mastery: Unveiling Effective Instruction Using CASAS Assessments & Tools

IPDAE: Meeting Teachers where They Are Through Sustained Professional Development

Health Literacy and Patient Outcomes

Reading to Learn - Strategies for the Struggling Reader

Empowering Leaders and Stakeholders: Understanding, Identifying, and Supporting Core Instruction

Using AI in the ESOL Classroom

Roundtable for Community-Based Literacy Directors

A Face for Radio, A Voice for Print

Must-Know Spanish Essentials to Most Benefit Spanish-Speaking ELs

Connecting the New CASAS STEPS Assessment and Classroom Instruction

Reading XR: Using Extended Reality for Reading Assessment

Putting The “Personal” in Personal Finance

Decreasing Attention Spans Demand a Response: Strategies for Today's Facilitator

What’s Next? Where Research Meets Practice

Using Biographies to Inspire Student Success

Ventures and Teaching the Speaking Skill

Technology Programming in Correctional Education

CASAS: A Compass for Effective Program Implementation

Literacy in Correctional Libraries

IET in Corrections

LitFit™: Literacy Integration with Fitness Education

How Can AI Help to Improve Reading at My School?

Discover Yourself and Grow Yourself and Your Adult Learners

Using Edpuzzle to be a Literacy Rockstar!


Friday, May 10, 2024

The Florida Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks

SOS and the 21st Century Adult ESOL Classroom

Tips and Techniques for Serving a Very Diverse Group of Adult Learners

Screening and Identification of Learning Disabilities for Literacy Practitioners

Literacy for the Ages: Jacksonville's Senior Memoirs & More

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Practical Applications for Instructional Use

If You Can Talk, You Can Learn to Read

Ease, Engage and Encourage!

SIMPLE ENGLISH: Matter of Method, Not of Time

Creating and Continuing a Conversation Class

Learning from Families in a Parent-Child Book Program: Implications for Early and Adult Literacy Practitioners

Screening and Identification of Learning Disabilities for Literacy Practitioners





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