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Thanks to all of our member organizations and partners who have shared their lesson plans. If you would like to share a lesson plan that you have developed and successfully used with your students, we would love to hear from you.

Resource Collections | Here are the complete resource collections for Staying Healthy for Beginners (high beginner level) and for Staying Healthy (low intermediate level)

Staying Healthy - EdTech Maker Space Project Showcase

  • Session Recording | Learn about the project and hear from participants about their favorite resources.
  • Session Slides | Slides from the session (including links to all resources).
  • Session Padlet | Collaborative Padlet where people shared their favorite resources.

Discovering Carrots
Lesson plan (PDF)
This interactive English literacy lesson, shared by Sharon Warner at the New Beginnings family literacy program, focuses on nutrition and can be used in an adult classroom or with younger learners.

Reading Nutrition Labels
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF)
This lesson for high intermediate and advanced English language learners, shared by Lori Cabrera at West Area Adult School, teaches students to answer the question, “How do you read nutrition labels, and why is it important to pay attention to them?”

Staying Healthy – An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living
Lesson Plan (PPT)
This presentation by Lisa Leiby of the Clay County Literacy Coalition is aimed at high-level ESOL students. It contains a series of four lesson plans which provide learners with a broad foundation in health literacy.

Health Literacy - Staying Healthy
Lesson Plan (PDF)
This health literacy lesson plan, shared by Richard Crutcher, is aimed at adult learners. It contains seven chapters and provides students with a basic understanding of what is entailed in staying healthy.

Coping With Stress
Lesson Plan (PPT)
This bilingual presentation by Vicki Granati and Dr. Sue Chance at El Sol Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center is appropriate for English language learners of all abilities. It details some of the sources and effects of stress, utilizing pictures to stimulate discussion, and goes on to share coping techniques.

Lesson Plans and Relevant Curricula

Helping Adult Learners Understand COVID-19
Browse a collection of plain language resources from the Florida Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control, and download our own lesson plan to help you teach your students about the novel Coronavirus.

Teaching Heart Health Toolkit
This toolkit provides a listing of plain language resources and activities that you can easily add to your curriculum. Teach heart health with videos, reading texts, vocabulary activities, and interactive games including Jeopardy. Click here to download the Hearth Health Jeopardy game. (PPT)

Educating Students About Diabetes Prevention
This toolkit provides a variety of classroom resources to improve students' knowledge of diabetes prevention, including worksheets, video links, and infographics.

Collection of Health Literacy Curricula
This page is a result of a discussion on the National Institute for Literacy Health and Literacy list serve. Purposefully kept in very simple HTML to allow easy access to all users, the page allows visitors to either directly download or link to online health literacy curricula.

Who Can You Trust- Health Information and the Internet (pdf)
The goal of Health Information and the Internet: Who Can You Trust? Curriculum Sourcebook is to improve health information literacy skills among youth and young adults and increase community access to reliable Internet-based health information for informed and empowered decision making. To achieve its goal, the curriculum is best accomplished through collaboration between community organizations, local schools and public librarians that offer free and public-access to computers and the Internet.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is part of the Federal Government’s National Institutes of Health. This site showcases health information to apply to lesson plans to promote health literacy.

Queens Library: A Health Literacy Curriculum for ESOL Learners (Beginners)
This is the curriculum of the Queens Library Adult Learner Program. It is used as a standalone class at the library, but designed so that you can pick individual lessons appropriate to your class, or follow the full curriculum.

Georgia Adult Education Health Literacy Toolkit
Toolkit divided into four section consisting of professional development opportunities, lesson plans, resources, and health literacy projects. Website also includes health literacy lesson plans.

Planning a Healthy Menu Using the Food Pyramid
Melissa M. Embacher
A detailed lesson plan for planning a complete and healthy meal.

Virginia Adult Education Health Literacy Toolkit
This toolkit is aimed to help adult education instructors and administrators understand the impact of poor health literacy on adult learners and provide effective instruction. Topics include: What is Health Literacy? Why is Health Literacy So Important? What Resources are Available?; as well as teaching tips.

The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy: Rationale and Core Principles for the Development of Health Literacy Curricula
The Centre for Literacy co-hosted the Calgary Institute on Health Literacy Curricula in October 2008. The institute drew participants and presenters from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. After three days of discussion, participants concluded that there is a need to identify core principles to underpin new and adapt existing health literacy curricula. This document formally establishes those principles and urges all individuals building or evaluating health literacy curricula to incorporate the principles into their work.

World Education: Health Literacy Special Collection
The Health and Literacy Special Collection administered by LINCS and World Education provides a comprehensive listing of health literacy resources for teaching, students and health professionals. Their collection includes classroom curricula, student stories and tips for the doctor's office that is easy to incorporate into the classroom and everyday life.








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